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 Poetry: Christmas Eve Miracle!

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PostSubject: Poetry: Christmas Eve Miracle!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:15 am

Christmas Eve Miracle

It was late on a snowy Christmas Eve.

A sweet little girl lay dying!

There was no longer any hope.

Nothing medical, still worth trying?

The Specialists had done their very best.

Her Leukaemia to try to cure.

This dreaded disease her life would take.

A life so innocent and crystal pure!

Her Parents and close Family Friends.

Were all at her bedside grieving.

And a reading of the, "Last Rites!"

The young child was now, receiving!

The little girl looked around the room.

She saw her Parents and close Friends crying.

No one had found the courage yet.

To tell her, she was dying!

The little girl just couldn’t understand.

Why everyone looked so very sad?

She had realised that she was very ill.

But not really, just how bad!

Her Parents crying worried her.

It just wasn’t like them to shed so many a tear?

They normally visited with smiling faces.

And brought many presents to give her cheer.

Perhaps if she told them now, of the Angel.

That had visited her here last night.

That might just take away their sadness.

Make everything again, just right?

"Please don’t cry, Mommy and Daddy."

"I’ve got a secret I want to say."

"After you went home last night, guess what?"

"A beautiful Angel came here to stay!"

"Don’t worry! Because the Angel said,"

"This sickness I have just cannot last."

"She said, God is coming right here tonight!

"This bad disease, he is going to outcast!"

The Priest, her Parents, Family Friends.

Looked at her in much awe and wonder?

Then the room suddenly became bright light,

With the sounds of a holy thunder!

The little girl looked without fear.

Into this sudden all invading holy white light.

But all the rest of those present in the room.

Had closed their eyes in total fright!

They then heard a thunderous voice!

As they fell to their knees, they heard it say.

"Listen well! This child’s life is saved!

"Because of her faith in me, this day!"

"All that gather in my name."

"And believeth in me shall never perish!"

"Remember! I am a very jealous God."

"It’s your total devotion that I cherish!"

Then the bright light went.

The room returned back to its normal way.

Those present had heard the word of God,

Still kneeling, they started all to pray.

There was no doubt, they had been.

In the presence of God’s almighty power!

A "Miracle Cure" had indeed occurred,

On Christmas Eve, at this very late hour!

Copyright Retribution


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Poetry: Christmas Eve Miracle!
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