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 Poetry: Get off that Damn Computer!

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PostSubject: Poetry: Get off that Damn Computer!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:12 am

Get Off That Damn Computer!

Can you get off that damn computer and do a bit of work?

You’re always on the bloody thing it seems.

You're just a lazy Jerk!

Surely there is heaps of work that you can do right now?

But you would rather make up that poetry crap.

You're such a lazy Cow!

Have you watered the garden, or been out to feed the chooks?

Have you fed the birds and dogs?

Cleaned those cobwebs from the nooks?

Have you emptied all the rubbish bins and washed them right out?

The gutters all need cleaning!

Do I have to raise my voice and shout?

Look you just cannot sit there all the bloody day!

All those jobs that need doing now!

Are not just going to go away!

Hey, All this bloody nagging you should really keep!

I got up at 5 am and did the lot.

While you were still asleep!

So why don’t you just SHUT UP and give it all a rest!

I don’t need this kinda’ crap right now!

If, I’m gonna’ write my best.

Oh. I’m so very sorry darling. I hadn’t gone to look and see.

Would you like a little breakfast pet?

And, perhaps a cup of tea?

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Poetry: Get off that Damn Computer!
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