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 Poetry: Love's Circus!

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PostSubject: Poetry: Love's Circus!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:07 am

Love’s Circus!

Open The Gates! Open The Gates! We’re now ready to let the Public in!

Love’s Circus is here for people who are looking for Love!

So with out any further ado. Let the Show begin!

Two Bucks! Two Bucks! Get your tickets now for Love’s-Merry-Go-Round!

Catch a ride and experience all the great love that can be found in life.

Come on! Get hypnotised by the Carousel’s sound!

Roll Up! Roll up! Three Cupid’s Darts of love are here for you to throw!

If you’re lucky you might just hit the one you desire.

You’ll never know if you don’t give it a go!

Come On! Come On! Get your seat for the Great Tunnel of Love!

You just might just meet your lifelong partner in there.

No good just praying to Heaven above!

Over Here! Over Here! Have six shots as your Heart’s Desire runs!

These are magic bullets that will make them yours.

That are fired from these guns!

Come In! Come In! Get your fortunes of your future Love Lives told!

You’ll absolutely love what it is the Oracle will say.

Come In! I’m sure that you’ll be sold!

Have A Throw! Have A Throw! Knock all the six Skittles down!

Win a Prize of what you want in any kind of Lover.

Bet that takes away your frown!

Come Now To The Big Tent! See Performing Artists so deeply in love!

You’ll see funny Clowns with love in their hearts.

And Lovers on the trapezes above!

Hey Now! This is Love’s Circus! We are only here for a day in your Town!

If you can’t find the Lover of your hearts desire.

Perhaps you will, next time around!

Copyright Retribution


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Poetry: Love's Circus!
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