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 Poetry: Poetic Justice!

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PostSubject: Poetry: Poetic Justice!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:04 am

Poetic Justice!

Story Poem!

The suburb was pretty dowdy. As most are in Portside Towns.

No "Gentlemanly Talk", to be heard around here.

No "Ladies", in fine gowns.

Captain Brash lived here. He was known as a, "Brutal Man!"

Crew always tried to keep well out of his way.

Little kids? Well they just ran!

He had two young Boys himself, but his Wife had passed away.

Now the house was run by a kindly Housekeeper.

Who mothered the boys and cooked each day.

It was a reasonably happy household when the Captain wasn’t there.

When he was. He found the most flimsiest of excuses.

To strap the boys hard and pull their hair!

He said it was to make Men of them. When the Housekeeper did protest.

So even when the Boys had done something wrong.

She’d cover their misdeeds trying her best.

Ned. The youngest of the two. Had trouble with wetting the bed.

The Captain, whilst having a Potty in his own room.

Refused flatly this convenience for poor young Ned!

The Toilet was a dingy little Outhouse. Way out back in the snow.

It was easy for anyone with a little kindness.

To see why Ned was too frightened to go!

One windy stormy night. Young Ned had ran screaming back inside.

His his face had been as white as chalk!

In the Housekeeper’s arms he cried, and cried!

Now when the Captain somehow, finally found this out.

He had grabbed young Ned painfully by the hair!

And had given him mighty clout!

"What sort of children have I raised, that are frightened of Ghostly Tales?

I was hoping for Men with guts of steel!

But I’ve sired Girls, instead of Males?"

The Housekeeper was very angry, but sensibly bowed to the Man.

But inside her heart was screaming out!

In her mind a devious plan!

She knew what Ned had seen wasn’t just something in his mind.

She too had at times seen this terrible Ghost!

An Evil Spectre of some kind!

What she planned. Was to hide the Captains Potty very well.

Then when the Captain would have to go outside.

He’d meet this terrible Ghost from Hell!

The Captain came home late that night full of Murphy’s Beer.

Then when he couldn’t find his Potty during the night.

He cursed loud enough for all to hear!

The Housekeeper listened as he cursed and stumbled to get outside.

And from the vantage point of her upstairs window.

Watched. As behind a curtain she did hide.

The Captain still half drunk made his way to the toilet door.

He then let out with a blood curdling scream!

From whatever it was, that he suddenly saw!

The Captain, then clutching his heart, fell dead upon the ground!

The Housekeeper from the window watched intently.

To see if he’d move again, or make any sound.

From the Toilet, a "Black Caped Figure", appeared. It had fleshless hands and face!

It made the most eeriest and frightening, "Ghostly Sounds!"

As it just drifted weirdly all around the place!

Then in a split second it was gone. As if it was never there!

The Housekeeper trembling and all nervous inside.

Gasped. As it vanished in thin air!

By now the two young boys had come running to her side.

They had heard their Father’s terrible screams.

And had come to her for them to hide.

She then finally found her nerves. To both the boys she said,

"Don’t worry. You are now both going to be my Son’s.

Now that your Father is finally dead!"

"It may be a terrible thing to do. To thank the Lord above!

But both of you have long deserved a new life.

Filled with happiness and lots of love."

So that is how this tale ended, with "New Life", and "Death", entwined.

You should never forget a "Ghost", called, "Poetic Justice!"

If ever such cruelty is on your mind!

Copyright Retribution


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Poetry: Poetic Justice!
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